Wedding Planning in COVID-19 Times with Ashley Douglass

Aim to Win with Lexie Smith

For many couples that had hoped to tie the knot this spring or summer, the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt into their wedding plans. On today’s Aim to Win podcast, we are joined by Ashley Douglass, founder of Ashley Douglass Events, who has managed to turn a stressful situation into a positive outcome. Ashley’s vast experience in wedding planning has allowed her to give her clients the most memorable day in their lives.

Thriving in the Post COVID-19 with Vincent Serpico and Jennifer Cumbe

Many companies are struggling because of COVID-19. But what’s the key to not just surviving, but thriving after the pandemic? On today’s Aim to Win podcast, we have guests Vincent Serpico and Jennifer Cumbe of the Founders Workshop, a specialized software development company that helps start-ups bring their ideas to life. Serpico and Cumbe shared with us strategies that could help keep business afloat now, and to thrive in the next phase. They also talked about their passion for working with founders, who they see as men and women on a mission to change the world by doing something no one has ever done before.

Never Give up Your Day Dream with Hayley Littman

Accomplishing dreams and goals is one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling feelings that anyone can experience. Today on the Aim to Win podcast, we have a special guest, Hayley Littman whose goal in life is to help actors reach their potential and land their dream roles. She has become a success story in coaching and helping those express their authenticity and redefine their image.

Cooking Your Way to the Top with Desmond Robinson

 In today’s podcast we are joined by Desmond Robinson, better known as Chef D. Arthur, a personal chef, food blogger and consultant who has loved cooking since he was a little boy. Coming from a family of culinary experts, he has always known that the key to a perfect dish comes from balance—something that you can’t always achieve easily. After struggling to find his way in the professional world, Arthur had the courage to follow his true passion and now travels the world cooking for his various clients. 

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