Never Give up Your Day Dream with Hayley Littman

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Accomplishing dreams and goals is one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling feelings that anyone can experience. Today on the Aim to Win podcast, we have a special guest, Hayley Littman whose goal in life is to help actors reach their potential and land their dream roles. She has become a success story in coaching and helping those express their authenticity and redefine their image. 


  • The importance of knowing yourself and growing through your acting roles
  • Embracing past rejections and letting them fuel you for new opportunities 
  • What you can do to build relationships with clients 
  • The formula for keeping focus and staying on track while auditioning 
  • How to portray your authenticity during a casting call
  • The importance of coaching to help others grow personally and professionally 

You can learn more about Ashley on her website or on Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out Hayley’s podcast

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