Aim to Win with Clayton Frech

Creating Opportunities for All with Clayton Frech

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In today’s podcast, we are honored to have Clayton Frech as our guest. Clayton is a disability advocate and entrepreneur with a passion for inclusion for all sectors of society. He’s also the founder and CEO of Angel City Sports, an organization that provides athletic opportunities for people with disabilities and is in charge of the Angel City Games, a multi-sport Paralympic competition in the U. S. 


  • Clayton’s road to becoming a disability rights advocate.
  • How Clayton learned to overcome obstacles in his life in order to follow his passion. 
  • The importance of learning that a disability isn’t an obstacle to success in life. 
  • The challenges for organizations to create awareness and raise funds.
  • How sports can create a community and unite people.

To learn more about Clayton’s work visit his website and follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow  Angel City Sports on Instagram

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