Solopreneur vs. entrepreneur

Solopreneurs have been on the rise in recent years. Recent research shows that solopreneurship has a projected growth rate of 3.6%—and it’s not hard to see why! Professionals are drawn from 9-to-5s to chase increased job satisfaction, flexibility, self-reliance, and business control.  But if you’ve ever wondered what sets so-called “solopreneurs” apart from their traditional … Read more Solopreneur vs. entrepreneur

Managing expectations when starting a business

Expectations are what drive our success in life and business.  That’s why we as entrepreneurs are always talking about goal setting, envisioning our next steps, and planning for the future. However, having the wrong expectations—and setting unrealistic goals that leave us on shaky ground—is surprisingly common for new entrepreneurs. Without the experience to understand what … Read more Managing expectations when starting a business

Improving your relationship with money

money relationship

Healthy relationships don’t create themselves.    Whether you’re considering a relationship with family, friends, or partners, you have to maintain it through consistency and effort—and the same is true of your money. Working toward better money management can feel like a constant struggle, but the right mindset can help you make the change.   That’s … Read more Improving your relationship with money

Decision-making process in your business

Whether you manage a huge company or a small team, your success depends on the quality of your decisions. But, in spite of the immense value of effective decision making, some leaders fail to spend time considering the structure of the decision-making process, including how to make it work best for their teams.  The right … Read more Decision-making process in your business

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