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The Power of Empathy with Michael Ventura

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On today’s Aim to Win podcast, we have Michael Ventura, founder and CEO of SubRosa as a guest. SubRosa is a strategy and design company that helps businesses solve problems using applied empathy as a tool. It was largely focused on digital work until 2008  when they implemented an approach to work on strategic and experiential assignments as well to make sure that what the brand said online was also true in the real world. Ventura shares with us some important lessons about success, like what being successful really is, or the fact that what is considered a failure by some can actually be a triumph. 


  • The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who have failed the most 
  • The more that you understand the problems that your colleagues are facing, the more the relationship really flourishes 
  • Mistakes are what helps us to become better entrepreneurs. 
  • Winning or having success in something is defined by each person individually.
  • Don’t measure your success with what other people think success is
  • Dialogue and inquiry lead to cognitive empathy, which helps us to understand our clients’ and employees’ needs.

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