Goal Setting For 2021

In today’s blog post, I want to talk about goal setting. As we head into a new year, a lot of us have goals on our mind, whether they’re goals for our business, or our own personal goals. What I want to talk about today is a simple approach to setting goals that you can achieve.

The first step is to start with listing your primary goals for the year. Start where you want to end up. Start by being broad, this is basically going to be your personal strategy for the year. Determine your vision. Then take these broad goals and break it down into individual goals for each quarter.

These quarterly goals are going to be those big rocks that you need to accomplish in order to get your year’s goals. Once you have those big quarterly rocks in place, take one more step. Break those goals into weekly goals. Target two to three actions that you will take each week that will move you closer to your quarterly goals. These should be reasonable to achieve and should move you toward achieving the quarterly goals. If you achieve each of these actions in a week, you will have made progress!

The key to this is to do those action items FIRST each week. Because if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a list of 100 or 200 tasks that you have to accomplish in a week. So, take these two to three goals and make sure you’re doing these first, that way you can make sure that you get to them. Once you have done those two or three things, you will know you have moved your business forward. Once you have achieved those two or three action steps and once you achieve those quarterly goals, celebrate!

Go set your goals and have a 2021!

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