Equality At The Workplace

Angel Guerra

Team building and communication are key for a company to function properly, as a healthy work environment and equality are among the main priorities within a business. In today’s episode, we feature Angel Guerra, founder of The Professional Female in Risk Management, where she advocates for equality, and works diligently to provide useful tools and information to women in the insurance industry; focusing on career development and honing life skills.

The Snack Of Success

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

Doughnuts and Muffins are good but, one of the biggerst factores of success and proactivity in your professional life is having a healthy life, body and mind. Join our episode with our special guest, Dr. Adrianne Youdim, a highly respected teacher, speaker and thought leader in this field.

The Recipe Of A Successful Business

Andrew Rafael

Nowadays, many people are considering entrepreneurship, but there’s a lot to consider when being self-employed. Join us in today’s episode, featuring Andrew Rafael, co-author of ‘Climbing the Retirement Mountain’ and ‘Heartful Retirement: Your Journey to What Matters Most’. He is a speaker on retirement planning and social security optimization strategies, and podcast host of ‘Your Wealth and Beyond’.

Taking Your Business To The Next Level

business growth

Organizational growth and development are exciting, thrilling, and at times absolutely terrifying. No matter what industry your company serves, you’ll reach a point where demand becomes more than your current capacity can handle, or where you simply need an extra push to better serve your clients’ interests as well as your own.

Are you doing the right thing?

jessica pierce

It really is a jungle out there when it comes to finding a job. Things are a lot different now, than they were a few years ago. With so many changes in the work force like: automation and artificial intelligence, sometimes just getting your foot in the door can be a real challenge. Join us in today’s episode with our special guest, Jessica Pierce, CEO of Career Connectors, an organization providing people with resources and tools to get back to work.

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