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The Steps You Need To Take In Order To Shift Your Identity and Reach Success with Anthony Trucks

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Sometimes we reach a point in our lives where we feel lost, defeated, and a shift in our lives is needed. Anthony Trucks, today’s guest, also reached that rock bottom stage a few years ago and realized that shifting his identity was key to reach success. Now, Anthony is a serial entrepreneur and a transformational identity shift coach who teaches people to expand who they are to reach their own potential in his own program called “Identity Shift.” This program helps people close their identity gaps, be responsible for their lack of success, and find out who they really are and who they want to be in the future. 


  • Anthony details his journey from growing up in foster care to becoming a former NFL player and finally becoming a transformational identity shift coach after going through a tornado-like life. 
  • The importance of realizing that we can all shift the way that we live by rebasing the stages that we have all been “programmed” with since we were little.
  • Anthony walks us through every step we have to make when wanting to shift our identity, such as seeing the issues that we have, making a shift to reach our ideal identity, and finally, fighting to sustain it. 
  • How our beliefs, thoughts, and actions are involved in this process of shifting our identity and the roles each one of them plays.
  • Anthony believes that every creation process, like creating a business or  creating a great marriage, is hard and painful but necessary in order to grow and enjoy what we do.
  • The most common aspect that most people need to change within their identity is their perception of their limitations: for Anthony, people don’t give themselves the ability to open up the space to move new things into their lives.
  • It’s really important to know when to cut people out of your life and when to bring new people in, since your success and chances to grow may be rooted in them.

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