Aim to Win with Garrain Jones

Overcoming Hardships and Finding a Life of Abundance with Garrain Jones

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In a place of difficulty, our own mind can get us out of our struggle and lead us towards a life of abundance. This is what happened to Garrain Jones, today’s guest, an entrepreneur, media sensation, and Transformation Coach who used to be homeless and constantly in and out of prison when young. Garrain found a way to turn his life around by keeping in mind the phrase that a stranger once told him: “Change your mindset, change your life”. 


  • Garrain explains his humble and troubled beginnings as a kid growing up in a background where money was a necessity and how an encounter with a homeless stranger changed his life.
  • How a human being tends to adapt to its surroundings and how that made a positive impact in Garrain’s life when he started straightening his path towards positivity.
  • The importance of understanding that you can change and create your life by thinking positively in what you passionately believe in.
  • Garrain encourages people to understand the calling inside their life since they were kids: break the rules and follow your dreams, no matter how big they are.
  • How Garrain managed to learn new things while being imprisoned for two years in France: from reading thousands of books to learning a completely different language from scratch
  • Garrain shares the biggest lessons he has learned during his journey to find happiness
  • Every principle and philosophy that Garrain has learned is now written in his new book, Change your mindset, Change your life, which he strongly recommends reading.

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