Aim to Win with Arielle Loren

Managing Finances and Getting the Funds for Your Business with Arielle Loren

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When starting your own business, there’s a crucial step which can’t be avoided: getting funds/funding/funds. It might sound scary and hard, but today’s guest Arielle Loren makes it easy! Arielle Loren is a business strategist and founder of 100K Incubator, the first business funding mobile app for women. Her mission is to help 100,000 early stage women entrepreneurs get funding for their businesses and scale to 100K+ in yearly sales. 


  • Arielle explains her passion for helping early stage entrepreneurs and how she came up with the idea of creating the 100K Incubator
  • The importance of educating and centralizing information in order to help entrepreneurs understand the process of funding a business from scratch
  • Arielle details all of the different steps that entrepreneurs have to take when joining her program in order to see real and exciting results
  • Arielle recommends how to start a new business from a financial and funding perspective
  • Arielle explains what crowdfunding is, the different types of campaigns you can run with it and which are more suitable for each given situation
  • When thinking about the future of funding, Arielle gives us her perspective on the importance of technology and data in this kind of operation
  • Arielle points out the main pitfalls she encounters when working with entrepreneurs, and she gives the best advice to reverse or change them

You can learn more about Arielle, on her 100K incubator website or you can follow her on Instagram 

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