Aim to Win with Sean Croxton

How to Change your Mindset to Improve your Relationship with Money with Sean Croxton

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Entrepreneurship is all about mindset. This is what today’s guest, Sean Croxton, strongly believes. Sean is an entrepreneur, author, prosperity teacher, and host of The Quote of The Day Show, the #1 daily motivational podcast. Also, he is the creator of Money Mind Academy, an 8-week course that completely changes people’s relationship with money.


  • Sean explains his shift from running a successful holistic health business to delving into his true passion: teaching about personal development 
  • How having an entrepreneurial mindset mostly stems from the environment you grew up in but can also be developed by your own self as an adult
  • Sean describes how his course, Money Mind Academy, specializes in shifting people’s money focus by identifying their fears, feelings, and beliefs towards money 
  • Understanding the deep importance that BEING has before DOING when wanting to become an entrepreneur 
  • The importance of changing our mindset towards money. It’s not evil or greedy; money is what keeps us alive 
  • The existing and deep fear of the unknown that we all naturally have and the importance of learning how to manage it in order to reach success 

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