Aim to Win with Lara Schmoisman

Designing your own work culture with Lara Schmoisman

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As a creative and curious mind, Lara has done it all. When she decided to start her own marketing agency, The Darl, she decided that she would build a workforce that’s based around the world. Lara knows that each client is a whole different world, so in order to really deliver on her work, she created her own world where each of her employees is a vital part of a greater working environment.


  • Lara’s journey toward starting her own agency, The Darl, and its worldwide workforce
  • Lara’s use of different creative dynamics to improve team bonding and to construct a hardworking but fun working environment
  • Lara’s thoughts on remote working and its future
  • The rise of text-based communication and its risks 
  • Lara’s thoughts on changing the role of a leader into the role of a mentor
  • Her advice for getting into the remote working environment and building a strong work culture

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