Aim to Win with Alan Lazaros

Deep Meaning Rarely Comes From Easy with Alan Lazaros

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After having a near-death experience we will probably ask ourselves “the hard questions.” This is what happened to Alan Lazaros, professional speaker, business consultant, engineer and co-host  of The Hyper Conscious. Following his mother’s advice to “aim high to have choices,” Alan not only managed to be successful in the corporate world at an early age, but he also dedicated his efforts in sharing his view on personal growth with others.


  • Alan shares the story of his father’s death, the struggle of his mother raising two kids and the seed of success that she planted in him when he was a boy.
  • The importance of understanding why things are the way they are in order to be able to change them.
  • How a life threatening accident got him into thinking about where he really wanted to go in life. 
  • The changes people have to make in their habits, beliefs  and relations in order to achieve important goals.
  • Alan’s ambition of simulating a near-death experience that allows us to grow but without all the trauma behind it.
  • The necessity to be untethered to the past self in order to embody the full self.

To listen to Alan’s podcast you can visit his website or you can follow him on Instagram.

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