5 Psychological Hacks for a Healthy Business Mindset

As an entrepreneur, you likely hold yourself to higher expectations than anyone else does. In reaching for success, you’re constantly pushing, making sacrifices, and working on the go. But this consistent strain can weigh on your mind—which is troubling because your success also relies on your inner mental game! How can you maximize your efforts and cultivate a business mindset, even as you face the constant challenge of entrepreneurship? Here are five psychological tricks to help you succeed.

1. Know your boundaries. 

A successful entrepreneur must be aware of what is and isn’t acceptable on the road to success. How far are you willing to go for the sake of your business? When are you willing to offer deep discounts to prospective buyers, or bend turn-around times for a client relationship? Knowing your own boundaries can help you say “yes” only at the right times, instead of simply going with the flow.

2. Step away from your business.

This may sound like a counter-intuitive entrepreneurial skill—and if you’re a new business owner, it may sound downright scary. Your business may feel like your entire life, but that’s exactly why it’s crucial to take time to disconnect. Set aside time for a short detox at regular intervals throughout the year to help recharge your batteries and refresh your mindset.

3. Embrace failure. 

We’ll all experience disappointment at some point in our lives, but we tend to take it very personally when it happens in a business we’ve worked hard on. The inability to accept failure is a mental block that you must overcome to cultivate a better business mindset. Sure, your first attempts may fail, but even the most successful people weren’t triumphant at every step. Consider each failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.

4. Get more sleep.

A common part of entrepreneur psychology is the need to be constantly going at full speed, but your health is often the first thing to suffer when you overwork yourself. And sure, you’ve heard a thousand times that you need more sleep, but chances are you still aren’t getting enough of it. Sleep can help the brain review what it’s learned during the day, and it improves your overall memory and attention span—both of which you very much need! Do yourself a favor, and get in bed on time.

5. Find a supportive network. 

No one is an island. Even if you’re a solopreneur, you don’t have to do it all alone. Don’t hesitate to lean on family and friends for help, whether you need financial backing for your startup or someone to watch the kids when you’re working with a client. And as you grow your business, extend that network to find mentors, peers, and mastermind groups that can help you take things to the next level.

As you build your business, don’t forget to cultivate healthy entrepreneurial psychology as well. You might be surprised how well these mental hacks can give you the resilience you need to weather the intense stress, uncertainty, and risk that comes along with managing your own business.

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