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The WE is greater than the ME mentality. This is what today’s guest, Jake Kelfer, is convinced of. Jake is a bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of The Professional Basketball Combine: a secondary draft combine designed to give players an opportunity to showcase their talents in hopes of being selected to play professional basketball. He helps people to achieve their own definition of success and encourages the importance of starting the change today, because that’s the only shortcut in life.


  • Jake shares his journey from dreaming of playing in the NBA to leaving it behind to pursue a greater one: helping people to follow their dreams.
  • Jake tells how he leads people to achieve their own definition of success.
  • The importance of knowing how to work and connect to get unlimited customers, crazy experiences, and freedom in your life.
  • Why the WE is greater than the ME mentality. Helping each other to achieve greater things.
  • The fit and the opportunities you create are much more valuable than just having a set of credentials. 
  • Acknowledge that you learn on the way. You figure it out as you go. The first edition will never be the final edition. You learn by executing.
  • Connection is the foundation for networking growth, connection has no limits.


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