Aim to Win with Jesse Borcina

First And Foremost, No One Is Ever Too Good For a Shovel with Jesse Borcina

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 You are your greatest asset. That’s what Jesse Borcina, today’s guest, describes when he explains the first steps to properly lead a team. Jesse’s career began when he joined the Navy and decided to reach his full potential, which is why he founded his own company under the name Conscious Leadership Development, where he also serves as CEO. Sit back and listen to Jesse’s advice for professional development.



  • The key to find something essentially greater than oneself. Jesse talks about his journey from military service to teaching leadership in his own business today, and how it changed his life for good. 
  • How Jesse feels about leadership. No matter how skilled you are, nothing is below you and you should always be ready to defend your team.
  • Understanding the real lesson in caring that will change it all in your business. Jesse explains his small unit leadership technique that could make a difference in your workplace.
  • That ability to step back and become an observer, especially for leaders. The importance of having a bird’s eye view so you can analyze the big picture and focus on the next smart move.
  • How to prevent your own default unconscious behaviors. Jesse’s perspective on the highest level of responsibility you need to implement in your life, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are.

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