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Finding your Niche with Ty Sintrell

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Every love should be celebrated! Ty Sintrell is the Founder of BrideNavy, a company that showcases luxury weddings and provides personalized wedding gifts and accessories for LGBTQ community. BrideNavy was created when she realised same-sex couples weren’t represented on the this industry. She started in the business planning the special day for friends in 2018, learning along the way. Finding a specific market need and working hard are the reasons why she has grown amazingly fast in two years.


  • Ty shares how BrideNavy was created when she wanted to help change the narrative with the type of home products, apparel, gifts and events that surround love for same-sex couples. 
  • Leading a company that has no direct competitors and how scary it is to not be able to compare to others.
  • She explains how she made the leap from corporate only when she understood that she could live with her own business.
  • The importance of working hard because you never know who is watching.
  • Ty tells how she feared delegating but it was the key to continue growing and not burning out. 

You can learn more about Ty on True Love Navy’s website or follow them on Instagram. 

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