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Building Bridges Between your Dreams and your Business with Alex Zilberman

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How do you turn a passion into a business without knowing anything about it? Alexander Zilberman, today’s guest, is founder and principal architect of AZA (Alexander Zilberman Architecture), an architecture firm rooted in NYC. He opened his own studio from scratch when he couldn’t hold in anymore his deep desire for autonomy. Now his style has improved everyday surroundings all over the world. Architecture is service before anything, that’s what he believes and why his mission is achieving each client’s goals with creativity and  passion to elevate the human experience through mindful design.


  • Alex tells how finding his passion in architecture was life changing. In college he was mesmerized by the feeling of being really good at something.
  • He shares two big lessons he learnt at college; you get back what you put in and you can do anything with desire.
  • How his desire for autonomy pushed him to leave his job and start his own firm.
  • Alex thinks his biggest challenge was knowing nothing about the business world, but once he learnt how to blend the creative and business knowledge, he started understanding and connecting with clients.
  • He believes the starchitect concept is wrong because architecture is a service industry.
  • Learning how to be a leader on the way and the importance of setting up marketing systems in your business.

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