Boost Employee Productivity – By Encouraging Fun

Your business’s success depends on your people, and how effectively they work together. But at the same time, there’s no overlooking the fact that our work can often be repetitive, and it’s hard to stay productive when we grind through tasks without respite. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to encourage fun in the office, while also boosting your team’s productivity. Here are a few ways to keep employees productive and smiling.

Encourage office team spirit

We’re happier when we feel like we are part of a team, and that happiness can in turn make us more productive. Encourage your people to form relationships by creating an environment where socialization is simply part of the office culture. Schedule team-building activities, institute coffee breaks, go out for drinks after work together, and/or sponsor work parties. You might just find that these events inspire togetherness when the team gets back to work!

Emphasize a culture of learning

Most of us enjoy learning something new, and breaking up the day with a fun, educational session can help boost a team’s creativity and productivity. Consider periodically bringing in a guest speaker related to your company’s work, or simply having your team sit down together to be inspired by a relevant TED talk. You might also try throwing a “company conference,” in which employees volunteer to present their newest projects or ideas. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something that will motivate and inspire your team to collaborate and develop new ideas.

Spruce up the office

Our environment has a huge impact on our mood and productivity. A cluttered or dull workspace can make working more difficult. Your office should be considered an extension of your brand—so why not create a more attractive environment? This can easily become a team effort. Call upon your employees to help you decide how to decorate the office and give them some ownership over the final product.

Celebrate your wins (big and small)

No one dislikes getting a reward, prize, or incentive. Studies show we’re more motivated when there’s a reward involved—and sometimes, this can be as inconsequential as a blue ribbon or a sticker. Celebrating your team’s wins helps show that their work is important, and that their effort is appreciated. You might also consider periodically recognizing your MVPs—not as a way of pitting your team against each other, but as a way of recognizing the person (or people) who have done the most to move the team forward. Given at the right time, even a simple, but genuine, “thank you” can go a long way.

Make fun a priority

It sounds simple, but when was the last time your office prioritized having fun? It’s just a change in perspective—so find a way to inject a little fun into your office schedule! Depending on your office culture, that might mean footing the bill for a celebratory pizza party, creating silly prizes for your team’s major milestones, instituting a weekly lunch outing, or scheduling a Bring Your Dog to Work day.

When your people feel happy, connected, and well-cared for, they tend to be more productive. These easy and effective ideas can help boost workplace morale, all while driving results!

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